Heather Gabel

Heather Gabel was born in Windsor, Ontario in 1977. Painting and drawing since only a tiny child, she has never stopped. Heather has been active in the San Francisco art community for years, exhibiting her photographs, paintings and collages in shows around the bay area as well as across the country.

Heather is moved to create visually fantastic situations that are not based in reality but, rather, that she has stumbled upon in her head. Her work is at once nostalgic and timeless, offering the viewer a unique glimpse into what was, what is, and what could never be.

Inspired by fancy grandmas, mossy trees, jaunty caps, prosthetic limbs, flowers, old movies and the overall grandeur of the past, Heather cleverly juxtaposes classic imagery with clean, stark lines and cutting irony.

Experienced in many mediums, she combines painting, collage, and photography in a unique fashion to create iconic images that have a lasting visual impact on viewers.

Having lived in Chicago, Detroit, and Oakland, Heather has also done extensive design work for plenty of bands. Her day job is touring with friends, Alkaline Trio, designing and selling their merch. For them alone she has designed over 100 shirts. Some other repeat offenders include AFI, Rancid, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts.

When not on tour Heather spends her time collecting scissors, making art, riding her bike to thrift stores, designing things for bands, taking pictures, doing puzzles all night with her fabulous husband, and baking in a fancy apron.